Customer Support


  • AS inquiry/FAQ/Errors el01, er01 appear (errors b03, 82, 90 appear.)

    There is a machine that looks like a white set-top box with TLSM integrated HUB written on the sink or shoe cabinet due to a communication error between the hub and the actuator.


    After checking that the LAN wire connected there is not unplugged or loosely plugged in, unplug the plus wire next to it and unplug it, and


    There is a plug wire, so unplug it and plug it back in, then come back to the switch and check if the error code is displayed. Also, if an error code is displayed, please contact the customer center.


    For error codes with b in front of B01,03,14,16,82,90, etc., please contact the boiler or actuator manufacturer as a driver or boiler error code. (Refer to the code below)


    b82,90 <<< This is an error code between the actuator and the boiler, so you must contact both.





  • Ventilation (air volume) LED lamp keeps blinking / FL01 error pops up

    Find and unplug the outlet connected to the fan (the outlet is usually located on the ceiling.)
    After plugging it in again, if it continues to blink even after turning the circuit breaker off and on, contact the ventilation company for a ventilation communication error.


  • Switch is not touched or malfunctions.

    - If there is a reset hole
    There is a small hole in the front of the switch that is big enough to insert a reset or needle.
    If you puncture the hole with the back of the needle, the LED lamp will blink and the reset will occur.
    If normal operation does not work after reset, please contact customer service.

    - In case there is no reset hole
    If you look down at the bottom of the switch, there is a red or black switch button in the middle to flip sideways.
    After handing the switch to the side, turn on the power again after 3 to 5 minutes and if it does not work, contact the customer center.

    - If both are difficult to find
    Lower the power distribution box (breaker) at the entrance or shoe closet and put it back on again. If it does not work properly, contact customer service.