About us
  • Entrepreneurial talent

    A person who has a sense of ownership and responsibility for Clio and puts the company first rather than personal interests

  • Consilience type of talent

    Talent who maximizes synergy of organizational capabilities based on convergence thinking

  • Challenging talent

    Dynamic talents who continuously take on challenges and adventures through passionate, creative thinking

Recruitment process
  • Document screening Basic competency test

  • 1st interview Staff interview

  • 2nd interview Executives interview

  • Final pass Education and Department Placement

Compensation · Allowance · Support
Retirement pension, bonus, long-term employee reward, excellent employee reward, overtime allowance, Holiday (overtime) allowance, annual leave allowance, 4 major insurance, smoking cessation allowance, support for various congratulations and condolences
Education · Life
Excellent employee awards ceremony, workshops, support for educational expenses, support for self-development expenses, lunch provided, drinks provided (tea/coffee), family invitation event
Holidays · Vacations · Gifts
Annual leave, Labor Day off, vacation support, holiday gifts, homecoming expenses, birthday gifts, parties, Christmas gifts, wedding anniversary gifts.
Working environment
Lounge, sleeping room, meeting room, private office building, in-house garden, provision of uniforms, provision of office supplies, free attire